The scene where the flying monkey takes Henry is going to be painful because you know Killian isn’t going to let it take him without a fight.  What if he yells at Henry to run as he tries to hold it off, but doesn’t listen as he tries to help Killian.

And when it finally snags him, Killian’s going to be screaming his name…maybe at one point he grabs his hand and tries to tug him free but the monkey is too strong.  Killian falls back on the ground, only to scramble back on his feet, screaming Henry’s name as he runs toward them, even though he knows it’s useless.

Ugh…and don’t get me started on the scene where he has to go to his Swan, look her in the eyes and tell her Zelena’s got Henry.


Captain Hook /3x18/ Bleeding Through

aka the episode in which Killian is really done with everything


They both peeked. Requested by  

Okay Oncers let’s do an experiment




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Captain Swan,obviously 


Captain Swan always.


Dr. Whale just left. He cleared me and the baby.

It’s funnier because they’ve banged lmao